Scan your documents with CamScanner

If you order a sworn translation in our webshop, we ask you to upload a digital version (scan) of your (source) documents. Based on these scanned documents, we will start working on the certified translation. A print of this scan will eventually be attached to the certified translation. That’s why it’s important that the digital versions are of good quality: cropped, high-resolution and with good lighting. A scanner can do this automatically for you. But what if you don’t have a scanner?

Scan your documents easily with CamScanner using your smartphone or tablet.


Download CamScanner for Android
Download CamScanner for iPhone
Download CamScanner for iPad
Download CamScanner for Windows Mobile

Good to know:

  • The FREE version of the app is enough to scan your documents and send them to us
  • The images can be automatically cropped and improved
  • You can export the images to a PDF file. This PDF can be uploaded during the ordering process.


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